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Before We Get Started, Let's Get A Quick Overview of The
Playing Field...


Most people think of gamers as teenagers, especially boys. But most gamers are over the age of 35. Also, the gaming population includes 48% of females.
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Casual gamers may not even think of themselves as gamers. In a survey by Blizzard, 71% of moms said they play games. But, only 48% identified themselves as gamers.


Games are not viewed as a negative thing anymore. They are now cool, exciting, and fun. Some esports events attract more spectators than the US professional championships
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Selling to one gamer may lead to the acquisition of more customers. Most gamers introduce 2 - 5 friends or family members into gaming
Now That We Have A Brief Overview of Your Industry and Market, Let's Look at How We Can Help You Grow that Market...
  • CHALLENGE:  How do we help you grow your market with a limited monthly advertising budget?

  • SOLUTION:  Make every marketing penny work like a dollar. Using the following four social media channels, we can stretch a $500-$1000 monthly advertising budget into results that lead to awareness and attention.


According to LYFE MARKETING, you can see the average cost for CPMs over the main advertising channels.  Reach and Impressions are what we are shooting for starting out.

  • STRATEGY:  With most of the gaming population spending their time on platforms like Twitch it might seem wise to just go all-in there.  However, not all of your prospective customers will be spending their time on Twitch. Using some of the data points above, we can see the other platforms as viable sources for your customers.  AND, most importantly, if you want people to talk about you then you have to be omnipresent or "omnichannel".  We feel the most cost-effective way to do that is via these four channels. 

  • PROCESS:  The proven method for us is keeping it simple: get attention by getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time. Different messages and creatives will be applied to each channel so as to keep things native to that platform.  No matter the Ad, they all lead to the very same place...your website. By utilizing the Facebook Pixel and Google Tags, we will better understand what works for your users and what doesn't.  We will also be able to utilize retargeting methods to continue to reach your customers that visited the website to encourage them to come back when it becomes advantageous for them to do so(i.e. events, updates, new experiences, sign-ups, etc.)

Click on icons to open up videos detailing our initial strategies for each platform

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IG icon.png
youtube icon.png
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Now that we reviewed our strategy for finding audiences within specific social channels it is important to discuss how we are going to attract end-users with unique content so that they click on the digital ads. This segues into a content and branding strategy. From the website to your graphics and video content you want a consistent recognizable digital brand across all platforms.

When end users land on your website is it optimized for a mobile experience? Does it provide a preview of entering this futuristic environment that is being sold as Sector X? Are the graphics eye-popping and attention-grabbing? We understand how to visually attract an audience. 


This is where our agency shines, we specialize in bringing brands to life digitally.

Eye-Popping Photography

Our professional photographers know the exact angles and lighting to make your brand pop. Here, you're seeing a similar client by industry so as to give you an idea of what to expect with our a la carte services. 

Mad Rex 2.jpg
Mad Rex 5.jpg
mad Rex 3.jpg
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Marketing Executive

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Engaging Video Content

Above are two video examples that were shot to promote Mad Rex which was a Restaurant and VR lounge that we were hired to help brand and promote. The video on left was a trailer for an upcoming event and the right video is a promo video that highlights the Mad Rex experience, from a customer perspective. We have also included a video that showcases our motion graphic abilities. This style of production will come in handy as look to enhance your video intros. 

Dynamic Motion Graphics

While these examples may not be related to your industry or business, we included these to give you an idea of what level of motion graphics you could expect from us.  This style of production could come in handy as your popularity increases and strengthens your position in the marketplace.

Gentlemen, we've reached the end of our journey and we are certain the question remains,
"How much is this going to cost me?"

We realize we have taken up a lot of your time so we will get right to the point.  Your investment in this opportunity will look like this:

$1,500 per month for services three months minimum

  • ad management

  • ad creation

  • landing page optimization

  • content strategy

  • content development

  • website development

Ad Spend of $500-$750 per month

A La Carte $500-$2000 depending on the scope of work

  • video production

  • graphic design

  • motion graphics

  • professional photography

Thank you for taking the time to review our proposal. Let us know if you have any questions. 
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